Ming Yin

Office: LWSN 2142B
Email: mingyin [AT]
Office Hours: By Appointment

Teaching Assistant

Amy Rechkemmer
Email: arechke [AT]

Course Description

The goal of this course is to teach students how to design useful and usable interactive systems. This course is highly interactive and project-based. Topics that will be covered in the course include user-centered design lifecycle and basic principles, how to gather, analyze and present data for interaction design, how to account for human's cognitive, social, affective, and behavior issues during the design, etc.

Course Schedule

See the calendar page.



This course is centered around a semester-long, team-based project. Through this project, students will get first-hand experience of applying user-centered design principles and methods in creating a high-fidelity prototype of an interactive system that aims at solving a real-world problem.

The keyword for this year's HCI course project is pandemic. Students are asked to indentify new challenges that the pandemic poses to how people live, study, work, travel and socialize, and design prototypes of interactive systems that better support people in the post-pandemic era.

Students will be asked to form teams of 3-5 to complete the course project together. The course is structured in a way that in each week, individual students and/or the team is asked to complete some project-related tasks. Completing these tasks in a timely fashion will ensure that the team's design progress is on track and can deliver project milestones on time. Students will be asked to submit the oucome of these tasks either via BrightSpace or record them in their design journal. Here is a tentative list of weekly tasks:

The teaching team will remind students of the weekly tasks via the class Slack channel. These weekly tasks will be graded on completeness.

In addition, each team is asked to submit five project milestones:

More detailed instructions on project milestones can be found in the guidelines for each milestone.


No prerequisites are required for this course. Knowledge with web/mobile programming and software engineering is welcome.


The primary text of the class is: